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Our engineered growing medium varies in depth depending on the type of green roof system being installed. The complexity of the growing medium is as important to the success of the green roof as the membrane itself. When installing pitched roofs, an extensive underlayment system of geocells reinforce the green roof structure to prevent downward sliding of the substrate.

Retention batons connected through a structural fixing with the building can also utilised on occasions where necessary.


The fundamental requirements of the water management layer are drainage,aeration, moisture retention, and filtration. Drainage is the timely disposal of excess water not held within the engineered growing medium (substrate). Filtration is the retention of the growing medium while allowing movement of excess water into the drainage layer. Aeration combines to the supply of air to the plant root section. Moisture retention is formed by a continuous supply of water to the root section in the absence of precipitation or irrigation.

The drainage and aeration functions are achieved with our range custom designed acicular drainage bases. A non-woven geotextile is used as a filter layer between the growing medium and the drainage layer. The geotextile is prefixed to the structure of our waterproofing layer and is installed as a single geocomposite.


Membranes that are not resistant to roots, such as most bituminous-based membranes require a root barrier to protect the waterproofing.

Most polyurethane liquid-applied systems , and Thermoplastic membranes, are naturally root resistant and do not require supplemental root barriers.

Our tailored root barrier offers protection to the waterproofing membrane, preventing leaks and root infiltration to the roofing structures.


The most vial part of a successful green roof system starts with the waterproof membrane it sits upon.

Waterproofing solutions such as a single-ply sheet membrane,liquid-applied membrane, or a build-up system consisting of several layers, to ensure a leak free buildup.

A leak-location test should always be carried our prior to a green roof system being installed.

A cobbled boarder is regularly put in place to provide additional filter to water released from the green roof system, as well as acting as a natural fire-break between the vegetation, and the roofing system. It also provides an aesthetic edge to complete the roof. Stones such as limestone that produce a high level of alkaline from calcium carbonate, can affect the pH balance of the growing medium, and are therefore not recommended for use.

A green roof edge protection can be put in place when required in places such as roofs with no surround edge protection or edge guard. This helps to keep the green roof system in place, and create a barrier between existing walkways or plant areas.

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